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Who We Are

Stafford Media is a boutique creative agency specializing in automotive videography and photography. The majority of our work is a result of partnerships with businesses to provide social media content, digital assets, and event coverage. 

We are steadfast in remaining receptive to our clients' ideas and work to understand their goals. This allows us to nurture mutually beneficial, lasting relationships with our clients that extend past the expectations of a B2B relationship. Our ideal client is passionate about building their brand and values working with a team like ours to grow with them.

Meet The Team

Creatives at Heart.

Our Story

Stafford Media is a result of a passion for art, and for cars.

We have been friends since middle school, both growing up in Hunterdon County, NJ. We always shared an interest in motorsports, fashion, and creating. Having parents that encouraged creativity and individuality, it became clear that we were bound to work together in some capacity.

Our early days were spent working long hours after our regular jobs. We made it a goal of ours to attend every meet, event, and rally in the area, finding every possible avenue that allowed for continuous growth. Picking up a camera every single day with no real reason for it other than passion is what brought us to where we are today, being afforded opportunities to work with incredible people.


The younger versions of ourselves are still trapped inside of us, and we still wonder if we're dreaming. 

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